FarmChief Big Bear Bale Clamp

FarmChief Big Bear Bale Grab c/w Euro Hitch

6 days ago | Farmchief

If it was possible to get excited about moving bales, this would be the moment. These strong, specially designed “gentle” bale clamps make the process easy and protect your valuable feed...Read More

FarmChief EnviroSpread 13000ltr Slurry Tanker

EnviroSpread 13,000 ltr TA Slurry Tanker

6 days ago | Farmchief

Recycling nutrients boosts production, saves money, and reduces nuisance. Envirospread Slurry Tankers take it a step further and, handily, they’re designed for farms of all sizes. Read More

Quivogne AP Heavy Duty Offset Discs 28 66 23

Quivogne AP 28 66 23 HC Offset Discs

6 days ago | Farmchief

AP Discs are most popular for heavy workloads and tough conditions. Offering excellent strength, value for money, long service life and a level finish. Add on road lights and rear drawbar for...Read More

Quivogne 3m Tine Plow

Quivogne 3m Tine Plough

6 days ago | Farmchief

The Tine plow is a durable, practical implement designed with modern agricultural contractors, growers, and farmers in mind. It’s all about soil conservation and getting back into production fast. Read More

Xact 6 Row Precision Planter

Ozdoken VPHE-D6 6 Row Precision Planter

6 days ago | Farmchief

The appropriately named Xact range, manufactured in Europe, delivers precision planting, and inter-row cultivation to maximise germination, crop production, and return; and it has the history to...Read More

FarmChief Twin Disc Fertiliser Spreader Banner

Aguirre 1500p 3ptl Spreader c/w Hard Lids

6 days ago | Farmchief

When you’ve paid good money for fertiliser you want to make sure it ends up exactly where you want it to go. Our cleverly designed spreaders ensure your fertiliser flows smoothly onto the dual...Read More