Single-disc drilling with FarmChief saves time, improves performance across the board, and reduces your reliance on additional cultivation. 

Kiwi farmers are well and truly familiar with the old adage “do more with less” and are famous for their ingenuity and number 8 wire style thinking. We’re always searching for ways to drive down costs and improve efficiency without compromising on quality.

For close to 50 years, the team at FarmChief Machinery have been helping kiwi farmers do just that; extending the same simplicity-focused thinking onto the world-class machinery we bring to the table.

Doing more with less is the exact phrase needed to describe one of our most popular machines; The Moore Uni-Drill, a single disc direct drill capable of drilling straight into maize stubble, ideal for regrassing paddocks, and working as a roller drill into cultivated land.

Matt Mckillop, FarmChief’s resident direct drilling expert says “Why bother with a complicated triple disc system when a single disc drills work much more effectively, clog up far less, and deals excellently with a range of trash”.

“Uni-Drill stands for universal drill, alluding to its capabilities of being a high-performing all-rounder that performs well in a range of drilling applications.”

Matt says that the single-disc system that the Moore uses has several distinct advantages over the larger triple-disc systems.

Superior penetration and contour following

Built to be shorter and narrower than most triple-disc drills, the Moore has excellent contour following abilities, ideal for those drilling into uncultivated land or on rolling land. With fewer blades taking the load of the implement, the Moore also has a higher weight-per-blade, meaning it provides better ground penetration and superior trash-clearing abilities.

“Set and go” operating system

Having been built with efficiency and the end-user in mind, the Moore Uni-Drill takes only a few moments to calibrate, thanks to the simple air seeding system, delivering accuracy and reliability. The 700L hopper provides high-speed, precision drilling, convenient emptying and individual row accuracy, with the ability to so to the last quantity of seed, with all seed types.

Additionally, the single-disc setup slices through trash like maize stubble and large clods, whilst not bringing up stones and roots, significantly reducing the time required to get out of the cab and clear clogged discs.

Variable condition drilling

When time is not on your side due to inclement weather, the Moore Uni-Drill steps up. Drill directly into uncultivated ground and save the time, energy and fuel needed to prep the soil. Enjoy a faster strike and a better quality crop as a result.

Wanting or needing to cultivate first? The Moore’s adjustable boot allows for precision seed placement in softer ground, whilst the rear pisma-style guttler roller prevents sticking in wet conditions and produces excellent seed-to-soil contact for optimum results. 

Thick and fast establishment

Two standout features are the narrow, 90mm row spacings (with options for 125mm) and rear guttler roller.

With some of the narrowest spacings on the market, the Moore Uni-Drill significantly reduces weed competition by speeding up the time it takes for seedlings to ‘canopy’ with thick, even germination – ideal for pasture rejuvenation. This plays a big role in improving the quality of the pasture whilst reducing the need for costly spray programmes.

Touching the ground 305 times per square meter, the rear guttler roller replicates the old-school method of rolling: running a flock of sheep over the paddock to press the seeds into the dirt.

FarmChief Machinery Moore Uni Drill Single Disc Direct Drill


FarmChief Moore Uni-Drill Single-Disc Drill


FarmChief Machinery Moore Uni Drill Single Disc Drill


FarmChief Moore Uni-Drill Single Disc Drill

With fewer discs needed, a shorter and narrower machine, a simple and easy-to-use operating system, less reliance on seedbed preparation and a huge variety of use cases, the Moore Uni-Drill exemplifies FarmChief’s focus on “doing more with less”. 

Currently, FarmChief has a variety of Moore Drills in the country due to their high demand. Demonstration programmes are underway, along with hire and lease options for those wanting to try before they buy.

We’re confident that you won’t be switching back once you’ve switched to the simple life with the Moore Uni-Drill.  

The Moore Uni-Drill from FarmChief is a world-renowned single-disc direct drill that is continually proving to be the most effective drill in New Zealand. 

Machinery is New Zealand’s specialists in drilling, seeding, spreading, cultivation, effluent management and grain handling. We offer a range of models built to suit every farm and operator in New Zealand.

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