Have you considered all your options, and potential savings, when it comes to spreading your own effluent and slurry? 

Artificial fertiliser prices have soared over the last 24 months and manufacturers are limiting production. Combined with increased environmental regulations, this is reason enough for many FarmChief customers to take a critical look at their fertiliser usage. Spreading organic effluent is a surging trend in New Zealand, and as suppliers of a range of world-leading Veenhuis slurry tankers, spreaders, mixers and pumps, you can be sure to turn to FarmChief for all the advice you need.

Concerns are mounting concerning the supply of artificial fertiliser for the coming season. High costs of production are limiting output and increasing costs, making for a growing need for a sustainable alternative to ensure optimal crop growth. 

Not only is organic effluent and slurry proven to be an effective fertiliser for New Zealand farms, but it’s also convenient and cost-effective in the long term. In addition, strategic fertilization at the root of the plant is by far the most efficient and the most environmentally friendly method of manure application.

FarmChief Veenhuis Slurry Tankers


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Accountability with  Veenhuis precision application technology

FarmChief offers the latest Veenhuis precision application technology, the Nutriflow Near-Infrared analyser. Fit to new tankers, or retro-fit to give your application an edge over the competition.  

Contractors: give your customers certainty by measuring and reporting on the nutritional content of their effluent. Real-time visualization of application helps you track performance and adjust settings between paddocks and crops.

Easy and precise slurry application documentation helps customers keep up with environmental regulation compliance, whilst saving time and money by reducing sampling expenses.


FarmChief Veenhuis Tanker NutriFlow Device

The Veenhuis Nutriflow device fitted on the tankers’ rear discharge pipe


Optimum nitrogen application and utilization for maximal crop yield

FarmChief’s range of Veenhuis tankers offer a variety of spreading options to ensure you are optimizing your nutrient application for maximum crop yield. Application options direct from the tanker include Splash Plate, Dribble Bar, Trailing Show and Direct Disc Injectors.

Usage graphs below compare the utilization and performance rates of paddocks between different application methods.

FarmChief Veenhuis Nitrogen Utilisation

FarmChief is New Zealand’s exclusive Veenhuis distributor. With tankers ranging from 10,000ltrs through to 40,000ltrs, a range of application methods and a superior range of slurry mixing and pumping solutions, FarmChief Machinery is your go-to for your slurry and effluent machine-related need.

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Customer Testimonial

Hear from Paul Keen, from Craig-Keen contracting in Culverdon, North Canterbury on his experience with FarmChief and his Veenhius tanker.

FarmChief has a range of world-class Veenhuis tankers available now. Choose your preferred application options & capacity to suit your usage. 

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