A familiar sight on New Zealand farms for over 20 years, what makes the Falc Power Harrow perfectly suited for our tough conditions? 

The Falc Power Harrow has been working hard in NZ for over 20 years, producing excellent results. Many FarmChief customers are on their second or third machine, citing their reliability and performance which keeps them coming back. But what exactly about these machines makes so perfectly suited for New Zealand conditions? Let’s examine how these machines have earned their reputation.


Ben Abernethy is the resident FarmChief expert on Power Harrows. We spoke with him to understand his top 5 features of the Falc Power Harrow.

FarmChief Magnum 5000P Folding Power Harrow

“The Falc Power Harrow is an extremely popular implement in New Zealand as it’s suited for a variety of soil conditions.  FarmChief has been the only provider for years and our long-standing team have become experts in servicing and aftersales support. Spare parts and replacements are easy to come by, meaning we’ve got your back whether your machine is one season old, or 15.”

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 1. Custom Oil Cooler Kit

It’s hard to look past the importance of the high-performance Oil Cooler Kits that come standard on all the Falc Power Harrows.

“For those contractors and farmers working long hours, ensuring machines keep up with the workload is important. Keeping the gearbox cool and lubricated is essential to keeping the machine running right through the day” says Ben.

The Oil Cooler Kit is specifically designed to maintain the optimum working temperature, preventing overheating. This reduces damage and down-time over the life of the machine and ensures high-performance right from the get-go.


 2. Easy Bottom Seal Replacement

“We all know bailing twine has its way of wrapping itself around the tines and into the shaft, damaging the seal. Replacing seals can be a pain and can take plenty of time and effort.” Ben says we all know that putting off repairing machines leads to further damage down the track.

Falc has solved this issue by including an easy-access bolt that can be unscrewed to access the shaft. Replacement in the field is simple: pull the shaft out of the machine with no need to split the bed.

Save time, effort and money while spending more time doing the jobs that matter. “It’s quite an easy job and can be done quickly. The team at FarmChief can even show you how to do it.”


A Falc Magnum Folding Power Harrow from 1996, still going strong in the Waikato to this day!

A Falc Magnum Folding Power Harrow from 1996, still going strong in the Waikato to this day!

3. Heavy-duty, long-lasting materials

Ben says, “No prizes for guessing which machine performs better: the one made of cheaper, lighter steel, or the one made of quality, heavy-duty steel.” The solid steel frame and quality gearbox and tines make it virtually bullet-proof when working in tight ground. It’s able to withstand the toughest ground in the world. 

Designed with longevity and cost-effectiveness in mind, the payoff for using quality materials is that you’ll be operating the same machine for years to come. The only reason to trade it in is to get a bigger or newer model! “The benefits quickly add up when you consider the cost of ownership vs how much you’ll end up paying someone else to do it every year.”

4. Stone side and rotor guards

“One comment we get frequently is how to deal with stony paddocks when cultivating. This can be quite frustrating, especially when dealing with breakages on the machine.”

Stones prohibit your ability to use power harrows for fear of damage to the machine.

Thankfully, the answer is the Side Stone Guards, coupled with the Stone Rotor Guards. Designed to deflect and protect from stones thrown up and out by high-speed rotors and tractor wheels, you’ll find fewer damaged tines, rotor gears that stay in one piece and more time spent actually working in the paddock without fear of machine damage.


Falc Power Harrow Rotor Stone Guards


5. Quality, thoughtful engineering

“We have chosen to work with Falc because all of their products are engineered, designed and built by a team who know what farmers need.”

The team at Falc have considered every aspect of their machine to deliver an impressively thoughtful machine that ticks boxes you didn’t know you had!

  • The high rotor-to-length ratio delivers 4 rotors per meter, increasing efficiency and reducing the pressure on individual rotors, reducing wear and improving the soil contact. “Unlike rival machines, there’s no need for a disruptive ripper leg sitting between the two folding wings to make up for the missed soil!”
  • A 550mm rear Packer Roller ensures high quality, tightly packed soil. It reduces clods and muck while maintaining moisture and ensuring the soils isn’t being scooped or bulldozed.
  • The automatic cam-clutch has your back when moving over rough terrain. The clutch will disengage whenever the rotors strike a hard material like concrete, maintaining the health of the gearbox and rotors.
  • X2 Taper Roller Bearings per rotor delivers a strong, resilient rotor that can withstand a serious amount of torque when working at speed or in tight ground.
  • When working with the larger, folding Power Harrow, you have the option of engaging the pivoting wings. This allows a better contour of the ground on rolling country, improving the quality of work and allowing for greater coverage.

“We are really passionate about finding the right machine for the farmer and in my experience, there hasn’t been a single person who would say the Falc Power Harrow doesn’t suit them or their farm.”

FarmChief has a range of Falc Power Harrows to choose from. From fixed or folding options, with multiple lengths available, your needs are covered. Choose to install a hydraulic levelling board,  rear rollers, hydraulic rear wheels or drawbar to complete the machine.

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