Graham Gordon has been running Flash Agri Contracting out of Central Southland since 2010, working on dairy, sheep, and deer farms.

When it comes to sowing, it’s typically grass seed, kale, swedes, and lucerne – anywhere from 1kg/ha to 30kg+.

In 2016 Graham bought a 630 Rollmax with 660ltr Airseeder, from FarmChief as he needed a wider machine. He says the service, and leveling paddles, also helped seal the deal.

“It was what we needed and at a price that was reasonable.

“It’s been an awesome piece of machinery: Solid, robust, and you get three machines in one.”

“We’ve also probably got more business because we can cover the ground quicker.”

If you’re in Graham’s region, and you need a contractor, you can contact him.. here