Fieldays visitors kept FarmChief team busy

Visitors to the FarmChief site at the 2018 National Fieldays kept the team so busy there was no time for them to take a look-around. But no-one was complaining.

Salesman Todd Murray says they caught-up with a lot of repeat customers, who were keen to talk with them. In addition, there was a steady stream of new customers.

The site, which featured a wide range of effluent and cultivation implements, attracted a mix of contractors, dairy farmers and sheep and beef farmers, with a few even having made the trip up to Mystery Creek from the South Island.

Todd, who has been to the last five Fieldays, says the mood of visitors was buoyant, despite concerns over M. bovis, and they were there to look for gear to buy for the coming season and beyond, which he says is a positive sign. “They’re looking ahead. They want to increase their efficiency and work faster.”

On the FarmChief  site there was a fair bit of interest in the rippers as they are top-of-mind looking ahead to spring. Todd says there is increasing awareness, particularly from maize growers of the implement’s strengths. “It removes compaction and helps maize roots penetrate more deeply.”

The The UK built and designed Storth effluent mixing systems also made a big impression. Todd says it is the only range in New Zealand with unique stirrers for different ponds.