Questions are often asked about the Conveyair Grain Vac; Are they better than Augers? or Why should I purchase a Grain Vac?

So in this post we will cover some of the features of the Conveyair Grain Vacs, to make your decision easier & help you understand what’s great about the Conveyair Grain Vac.

Moving Grass Seed

The Conveyair grain vac has the ability to move all types of grain, whether it be cereals or small seeds and high value crops, due to its positive displacement blower and cleverly designed airlock system.

The smooth cone shape of the main receiver tank allows the grain to gently drop into the airlock and get discharged without allowing any of the lighter product (grass seed) to be lost through the exhaust or block up the vac. The airlock system pushes the material through and into the discharge pipe without using augers.  This allows the Conveyair to move very small and friable material without damaging it.


Typically grain is required to be shifted out of silos a fair distance from where the vac can be located. No matter how long the vac hose, the drop in performance is very minimal on a Conveyair.  This is because the positive displacement blower creates a greater suction force and lesser air speed. Low air speed protects grain quality and reduces machine wear.  With a Conveyair you get better grain quality, and move more grain in less time.


Every Conveyair grain vac includes a dust collection system called the Blower Protection System (BPS).  The BPS collects the dust to allow the operator to dispose of it. The lower air speed makes the BPS very efficient in removing foreign materials, separating them from the grain, and filtering them into the dust bin. This results in the grain being cleaned and light debris such as mold or bugs can be collected & removed efficiently.

Safety First.

Moving sweep augers can be a dangerous thing. But we’ve got you covered. The Conveyair vac has no augers and the small,  manoeuvrable, 5” clean up hose is very light and easy to handle. Only one person is required to be in the silo while sucking the grain, and because it uses the vacuum pump, not moving parts, you won’t risk entanglement in the machine.

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