Thanks to their long reach, Backsaver augers give farmers the option to increase the size of their grain silos.

Backsaver Grain Augers, are literally back savers! raised and lowered with the tractor’s hydraulics. The augers fit on the drawbar of a tractor and the tractor’s hydraulics raise and lower it up to a silo. There’s no backbreaking manual winching required.

The Backsaver Augers come in 3 different diameters; 10 inch, 13 inch, and the 16 inch. Farmers can specify the length – from 50 ft up to 104 ft for the smaller models and 80 ft to 175 ft for the 16 inch version.  They shift a lot of grain. The 10-inch transports up to 150 tonne per hour, and the 16-inch a massive 350 tonne.

The Backsavers boast the lowest transport height on the market and the highest lift and reach on the market, due to the scissor action of the lift mechanism. Another helpful feature is the swing hopper on the mouth of the auger. A truck can back up past the auger and then swing the hopper into place to load into it. With the older style augers if you didn’t get exactly on the right spot, you would end up with a spill. There is an option to have the swing hopper also hydraulically controlled, so the mouth of the auger can be moved from within the cab.

Backsaver augers are tough. 

They have the heaviest tubing and heaviest flighting giving it longevity. Also the auger tubes are well-supported with two lots of cable ridging. They are also low maintenance. They don’t have cables and rams to fuss with. They’re also very stable with a wide wheelbase. 

Andy’s View

Wheatstone Farms Ltd is a well-established 500Ha cropping and store stock property based 10 minutes from Tinwald. Andy has chosen to buy his last three augers from FarmChief including, most recently, a 1370 Backsaver:

“I wouldn’t have done it if they were no good!” “The brand is awesome and the back-up is brilliant. They even brought us out a part when we broke down on a public holiday.”

Andy says the beauty of the Backsaver is that you can just pull up beside it, making unloading easy and improving safety: vital at busy times and at night.


check out FarmChief’s BackSaver Augers here