Sick of wasting your nutrients and watching your effluent run off your paddocks completely?

Slurry injection is a proven effluent application technology from FarmChief. Injecting Slurry using the FarmChief SSDR Deep Ripper Slurry Injection and Umbilical System can significantly improve the accuracy and placement of your slurry, whilst improving overall paddock yields. This is perfect for those paddocks with compacted, dense soil, and for deep-rooted crops like maize.

Top 5 Benefits Of Injecting Slurry

  • Increased soil nutrients with more slurry being applied to the right spot
  • Improved slurry storage issues through reducing storage or removal costs
  • Cost-savings from utilizing on-farm resources
  • Reduced nitrogen runoff – great for periods of heavy rain
  • Reduced gaseous emission due to direct liquid application

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