Used for primary and secondary cultivation, Express Plus Speed Discs are unequalled in performance after winter feed, for stubble incorporation, and to break-up paddocks after compaction.

1) Efficiency –

With Express Speed Discs you can do in one pass what you would’ve usually done in three. And often with three separate implements. So there’s less gear. And it’s quicker – trucking along at up to 16km/h.

2) Affordability –

Staring at $23,000 Express Speed Discs will easily return your investment in time saved, fuel saved and reduced maintenance.

3) Easy operation –

If you can drive a tractor, you’re good to go. We don’t set out to make things difficult around here, so even entry-level staff can do a great job with this implement. – The only hydraulic adjustment is depth.

4) Durability –

Express Speed Discs have Kiwi DNA built-in. They’re designed, and manufactured, for our soil types and for the hard-out use we need them for. It’s the SKF sealed bearing and the 5 different roller options that make this machine durable in all situations.

5) Low h/p operation –

Super effective operation means you don’t need a big tractor. 3m Express Speed Discs will be happy with a 90h/p tractor and a 4.5 m with a 140 h/p. Which also means you’ll use less fuel.

6) Extremely Low maintenance –

Sealed bearings and a robust construction mean it’s all under control. The only thing you’ll be looking at is replacing the discs after six years, or so.

7) “Cambridge finish” –

the option of extra implements – rippers up front and rollers at the back sets your seed bed up even in the toughest country, all ready for drilling.

8) Mounted or trailed –

one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to farming and cultivation systems, so we give you the options.

9) Free on-farm demonstration –

(maybe we should’ve put this first…) Just call FarmChief and we’ll arrange for you to have Express Speed Discs delivered, to your property, to test behind your tractor. Don’t hold back – request a demo.


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