12m Umbilical dribble bar now available!

The arrival at FarmChief of Storth’s 12m umbilical dribble bar, with folding arms, provides the option of even better coverage, faster. Not only that, but it delivers more application rates, and it’s tidier on critical areas, like the headlands.

FarmChief’s Ben Abernethy is fairly impressed by the option and reckons it’ll be in demand, especially as that time of the year gets closer as effluent tanks get fuller. So, get your skates on and order now.



Market leaders

It’s also worth keeping in mind that the Storth Umbilical Drag Hose Slurry Systems are the UK market leaders. The next generation in nutrient recycling, they minimise soil impaction, help with environmental compliance, and reduce disruption to herd movement and general farm activities – saving valuable time and money. This is especially true with a medium to large operations.

Helping in the dry

This is just some of the feedback we’ve had on the umbilicals.

Last year, when things got a bit tough, these umbilical systems helped out some of our farmers by keeping the grass growing and moisture in the soil.

With this year predicted to be a bit dry too, they’re worth seriously considering, if you want to keep on top of things. (We know there are some people who’ve had an ear to the ground and have the irrigators going already. Something to think on.)

Scalable volume

The volumes transferred are hard to beat. The Storth umbilical system, can deliver up to a staggering 300,000 litres per hour: Making over 1,000,000 litres per day achievable.

The umbilical system is also ideal when the going is softer. (Think: Southland, later in the season, for example.)

The strong, reliable system has a size to suit every need from a 400m bobbin reeler up to the 2000m trailed reeler. Using a combination of reelers on front and rear, one tractor can carry up to 3000m of hose. (Not a bad effort.) And you have the option of slurry distribution by; trailing shoe injector, umbilical dribble bar, or a simple twin spreader attachment.

Contractors taking up the baton

Some contractors are reporting that some farmers are less inclined to run their own systems, or slurry tanks, and are turning to contract umbilical systems instead.

But each to their own, as they say, and we can help either way.

Tony Fisken, from Fisken Contracting in Gore, backs umbilical slurry systems because of their efficiency and the fact that they’ll work at high volumes and in conditions where slurry tankers simply can’t.

“There’s little or no compaction of laneways or paddocks and it’s a very effective way of moving large amounts of nutrient.”

Tony says the system is especially good on softer soils, (and on the shoulder seasons) where tankers could get stuck, as there are only the hoses to be placed down and reeled in.


View FarmChief’s Storth umbilical Slurry Systems here.