Tine Plow

The Tineplow is a durable, practical implement designed with modern agricultural contractors, growers, and farmers in mind. It’s all about soil conservation and getting back into production fast.


Features and Benefits

A clever (and well-engineered) machine, the Tineplow shatters sub-soil pans while working the top soil. It maintains and even improves soil structure and breaks the panning, but does not “boil” the soil, or incorporate the layers, as a traditional ripper would. As well as soil conservation, the Tineplow helps get paddocks back into production faster. One client credits it with giving him the ability to go straight into a sprayed-off pasture and plant the maize faster, with a quicker, more even, germination, and, most importantly of all, noticeably improved yields. While corn, maize, squash and cereal crops see the Tineplow put in the most work, it’s also proving more than it’s worth cultivating and regrassing-down summer/ winter break-feed and sacrifice paddocks. Curved tines, lift and crack the soil, aerate it and let moisture penetrate. These are followed by a double waved roller, helping avoid soil drying out, and a raking harrow that completes the chopping and mixing of any debris – leaving a smooth, level surface.

Technical Specifications


Working width

Weight approx

Working depth

Tine spacing

No. of tines

HP Required

TP 3000



500mm - 900mm

525mm - 710mm

10 - 12


TP 3500



500mm - 900mm

525mm - 710mm

12 - 14


TP 4000



500mm - 900mm

525mm - 710mm

12 - 16


TP 5000



500mm - 900mm

525mm - 710mm

16 - 20



Stuart's view

Stuart Briant is a third generation commercial grower, working flat to rolling country in Gisborne. His crops include seed maize, squash, sweet corn, and maize. He says he was convinced it was worth buying when he first saw the implement being demonstrated. Stuart says he especially appreciates the way it helps protect the soil structure, and promotes healthy growth and increased production. “We like the job it’s doing.”

- Tine Plow

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