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Quivogne 3m Tine Plough – Ex-Demo

The Tine plow is a durable, practical implement designed with modern agricultural contractors, growers, and farmers in mind. It’s all about soil conservation and getting back into production fast.


Quivogne 3m Tine Plough - Ex-Demo
$29,900.00 + GST
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Ex-Demo – Priced accordingly
Shatter sub-soil pans while working the topsoil
Curved tines lift and crack the soil for optimum aeration
Double wavy disc roller & raking harrows produce a smooth, level finish
3m working width
Works up to 600mm deep
160+ HP required
Rear Double Wavy Discs
Pricing does not inlcude freight or gst


Quivogne 3m Tine Plow
Quivogne 3m Tine Plow
Quivogne 3m Tine Plow
Quivogne 3m Tine Plow
Quivogne 3m Tine Plow

FarmChief Tine Plow

A clever (and well-engineered) machine, the tine plow shatters sub-soil pans while working the topsoil.

It maintains and even improves soil structure and breaks the panning, but does not “boil” the soil, or incorporate the layers, as a traditional ripper would. As well as soil conservation, the tine plow helps get paddocks back into production faster. One client credits it with giving him the ability to go straight into a sprayed-off pasture and plant the maize faster, with a quicker, more even, germination, and, most importantly of all, noticeably improved yields.

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