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Ozdoken VPHE-D6 6 Row Precision Planter

The appropriately named Xact range, manufactured in Europe, delivers precision planting, and inter-row cultivation to maximise germination, crop production, and return; and it has the history to prove it.


Ozdoken VPHE-D6 6 Row Precision Planter
$24,900.00 + GST
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3ptl mounted and HYD driven
Accurate and easy to use
6 Row Machine
Pro Wheels for ultimate seed placement
Hydraulically controlled fan
450mm – 750mm variable row spacing
Perfectly combined with a new or exsiting Strip-Till


Xact 6 Row Precision Planter
Xact 6 Row Precision Planter
Xact 6 Row Precision Planter
Xact 6 Row Precision Planter
Xact 6 Row Precision Planter
Xact 6 Row Precision Planter

Xact Precision Planter

Developed back in 1976, the Xact range has stood the test of time, but are also state-of-the-art and attuned to modern fodder grower needs. Six- and eight-row, disc-opener planters are available. Three-point linkage mounted and PTO driven, they have a hydraulically-controlled fan on the air vacuum seeder. Each row is independent, with its own seed box and spring, meaning they follow uneven contours, although, obviously, a well-prepared seedbed is going to get you a better result. Downward pressure is adjustable with three different tensions on the disc-openers, to penetrate even the type of compacted soil you, usually, wouldn’t hold out much hope for. Spacing is variable between 450 and 750 mm, and there’s an optional fertiliser box to further boost yield. Calibration is quick and easy, and the ROI is almost as fast! The inter-row cultivator reduces the need for costly and complicated spray programmes, and is easier on the crop, the soil, and the conscience.

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