Joskin Ferti-space 22T Horizon FS7014/25BU Muck Spreader


Stock number
Ferti-space 22T Horizon FS7014/25BU Muck Spreader
Fertilizer/Slurry Equip
Fertilizer/Manure Spreader
$115,000.00 + GST

22T off-road payload, 20.0m Body volume, 25.2m – 27.2m Manure volume
Ferti-Control 400 Terminal with pre-equipment for door opening display
2 horizontal beaters on 140mm tube with spreading table
PTO Shaft 1000rpm beater rotation speed 500rpm
Small limitation board on the right for use with the canopy
Removable steel teeth on beater (230x 50mm)
Body in HLE 550 steel + upper body strip
Height of the beater 1500mm
4 shipping chains, 14mm (class 80)
Moving floor with bolted slates
Flow regulator with constant pressure
Distribution disc (1040mm )
650/55R 26.5 Alliance tyres
Self-steering axle
Hydropneumatics drawbar
Air braking system
Watertight hydraulic guillotine door
Electronic door opening indicator
Weighing system on hydraulic suspension
with control box in the cabin
2 rear working lights
Automatic lubrication
250mm Wooden extensions
Good used condition
StockNo: UM41869


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