Grain Tip Trailer

Our grain trailers are built with precision to handle the toughest conditions, long hours, and tight deadlines. Look for the features that transform this from a work-horse to a can-not-do-without. You’ve also got the option of sides that make it work for silage management.


Features and Benefits

These are no-nonsense, high-spec design. And they have to be. Because a lot is at stake, in every load they carry.

Built for strength and durability, the VGM trailers have been developed to tackle the toughest working conditions New Zealand has to offer. (And we have a few of them.) Available in 14 to 30 tonne models, each features a tapered tipping tray for hassle-free release

VGM are known for their functionality, strong construction and durability. We see them prove that day in and day out. The tipping trailers are distinguished by a well thought-out design with a smooth body made from high-quality, wear-resistant material.

Whether transporting across paddocks, between blocks, or on rugged country, the VGM trailers at home fairly much everywhere. That’s thanks, in a big part, to the solid engineering of their pendulum tandem and BPW axles. We definitely back them.

Technical Specifications

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