Farm Chief ExpressPlus 4500 Speed Disc Trailed c/w DD ST6 paddles drwbr


Stock number
Farm Chief
ExpressPlus 4500 Speed Disc Trailed
c/w DD ST6 paddles drwbr
Tillage Equip
Offset Discs
$66,600.00 + GST

4.5mtr working width
High Speed (7-15km/hr) wide discs for greatest efficiency
Excellent trash incorporation and mixing with huge work rates with superior fuel efficiency.
STRENX arms 6mm blades 560mm notched discs with 240mm spacing. Tapered outside disc and adjustable side plates for level finish.
HD Chassis with minimal moving parts
Two rows of Independent rubber mounted discs for protection and contour following
Sealed disc hubs. SKF long life double row bearings.
Followed by Heavy duty adjustable finger tynes
Hydraulic adjustment for depth control on DD roller.
Fully trailing kit with 2pt draft bar and rear lights
19.0/45-17 wides tyres with hydraulic brakes
Hydraulic front levelling paddles
Rear drawbar c/w 4 sets rear remotes
StockNo: UM42208


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