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Envirospread 5,000L Tanker

Recycling nutrients boosts production, saves money, and reduces nuisance. Envirospread Slurry Tankers take it a step further and, handily, they’re designed for farms of all sizes.


Envirospread 5,000L Tanker
$28,900.00 + GST
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5000ltr capacity, no electronics, hydraulic rear gate valve, site glass, hand brake, light weight


FarmChief EnviroSpread 13000ltr Slurry Tanker

Envirospread Slurry Tankers

These slurry tankers are high-spec and double galvanized for a long life and optimum performance in New Zealand’s sometimes challenging conditions. (And, the second coat keeps it looking good too!)

Like you, we’ve seen axles that have given way, drawbar and chassis cracking and collapsing on other tankers and welding repairs all over the place. Not on this one. Ever. That’s thanks to sprung axles and drawbars, and everything engineered to within an inch of its life. 

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