4 Top Benefits of Stirring your Effluent Pond 

  • 1) Incorporating solids efficiently means when the fertiliser hits the paddocks it’s going to be more even – meaning better pasture growth & yield
  • 2) You get the most of the capacity of your effluent pond, by reducing sediment.
  • 3) It takes care of life. So your pump lasts longer and the area around the pond looks (and smells) better too.
  • 4) You keep on-side with your council (and neighbours).

Feedback from our farmers and contractors say that the Storth mixers are more efficient than others they’ve used and, even on large capacity effluent ponds, you can see them working. In addition, they don’t need a large hp tractor to drive them, thanks to a superior design.

Ben’s View

FarmChief’s Ben Abernethy says the Storth Effluent Pond Stirrer (the UK’s best-selling brand) is getting the job done without any fuss. It keeps the spread of nutrients even, maximises effluent pond capacity, and allows the nutrients to be efficiently recycled via either umbilicals or slurry tankers. “Otherwise, you’d need to bring in a digger and muck spreader, so that takes more time and gear.”

Another benefit is that the effluent stirrer prevents the growth of grass across the pond which, in days gone past, created a very real hazard to stock and children.

The Storth effluent pond stirrer has a good track record. Ben says the solid, practical construction means he’ll typically not hear from a customer again for years – “before they need a couple of replacement parts”. “They certainly do the job.”

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